Thursday, August 19, 2010

A prayer

"Seek first My kingdom..."

I hear this call on my heart, Father.

Above all else, seek You.

Help me, Jesus, to seek Your face above all else.

Above my own voice, above the noise,

above the heartache of separation from You.

Above all else, help me to seek You.

To hunger and thirst for You as a dying man.

Above all else...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Prayer for today

You never cease to amaze me, Father. And yet the pain of becoming, the pain of submission never ceases. You are in a constant process of chipping away what is me, burning off the me to get to more of You. Reading Luke 6 today. Wow!

Why do I call You Lord and do not the things You say? Why do I pray to You and not submit to You? Why do I pick up again the burdens I have already laid down?

Because I am broken, a hollow man. Without You, I have nothing and I am lost in myself. I don’t want to be the guy who builds his house on nothing, on myself. Rather, I will build my house, my life on You.

Forgive me, Jesus, for not taking up my cross to follow. Forgive me for forgetting who I am. Thank You for the love You shower on me, the grace You give and the pain of life You allow. Only in the fire of Your love can I be forged into Your son, Your brother, Your soldier.

And so today I submit to You. Take my heart, Father. I am Yours. Take my will, Jesus. I will follow!

You are the light, Jesus! Shine through me in this darkness.
You are the way, Jesus! Use me as You will to show others Your path.
You are the truth, Jesus! Help me to stay grounded in You so my life speaks Your truth.

Thank you, Father, Friend, Savior, Lord, Messiah…King!