Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Prayer

I am amazed,
humbled, crushed
by Your Light crashing
through my heart, my life.
That You have saved me from darkness,
the confusion of my flesh,
is almost more than i can take.
I am yours, merciful Savior!
You are the meaning
of my life, the Lover of my soul,
my Rescuer, Friend,
Brother and King.
The mystery of Your great Love
come to earth
staggers, confounds me
with Joy!!
Before You I bow,
God of Heaven and
Creator of all that is.
I love You Father,
Guide and lead me to Life!

"The pure light walks the earth; the darkness, received into the heart of Deity, is there swallowed up. Where, except in uncreated light, can the darkness be drowned?" - C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Everlasting Man

And now we begin to see what it is that the New Testament is always talking about. It talks about Christians ‘being born again’; it talks about them ‘putting on Christ’; about Christ ‘being formed in us’; about our coming to ‘have the mind of Christ’.
Put right out of your head the idea that these are only fancy ways of saying that Christians are to read what Christ said and try to carry it out – as a man my read what Plato or Marx said and try to carry it out. They mean something much more than that. They mean that a real Person, Christ, here and now, in that very room where you are saying your prayers, is doing things to you. It is not a question of a good man who died two thousand years ago. It is a living Man, still as much a man as you, and still as much God as He was when He created the world, really coming and interfering with your very self; killing the old natural self and replacing it with the kind of self He has. At first, only for moments. Then for longer periods. Finally, if all goes well, turning you permanently into a different sort of thing; into a new little Christ, a being which, in its own small way, has the same kind of life as God; which shares in His power, joy, knowledge and eternity.

C. S. Lewis, The Business of Heaven

Sunday, December 12, 2010


There is a silence in the snow.
As if the world holds its breath.
Lighting gently from the sky on my face,
pieces of frozen beauty.
Time stands still.
A sigh,
a melancholy,
soft Joy…
Silence falls,
stillness comes;
brushing my face with carefree fingers.
Wind-blown touch,
the embrace of the Maker.
There is a stillness in falling snow,
silent gaspings of frozen Grace.