Friday, March 2, 2012

Humanity perfected

So I was reading the book of John, chapter 4 today. I was really struck by something about Jesus. Aside from the fact that he's God in the flesh and that's way cool, he was really comfortable in his own skin. See I think we often forget the humanity of Jesus. Of course he was and is God but he was also very human. He got tired and hungry and impatient and was witty and funny and serious and apparently lost his temper some as well. Of course, in all his humanity, he never sinned. That makes him incredible. That makes him divine.
Sorry, back to John 4. Like I said, Jesus was really comfortable with who he was. Would that we all could be that comfortable with ourselves. When Jesus deals with the Samaritan woman, he almost seems rude at times, right? I mean, he basically calls her a slut. He's like, 'Oh I know you're not married. In fact, you're shacked up with some dude'. At first glance, in our politically correct society, we read that and kind of push back, right? We're thinking 'what's up with the name calling, Jesus'?
But Jesus makes no apologies for the truth. He just speaks truth and lets everyone around him feel the weight of it and the weight and force of his personality. The truth is that Jesus is so kind, so loving and so true that he cannot be anything else. He is humanity perfected in God. Think about that for a second. Jesus is humanity perfected. The perfect human. Nice.
See, I want this. I crave my own perfected humanity. I want to be like Jesus, to walk so closely with him that no one can tell the difference between me and him. Does that sound arrogant, impossible? I don't think so. After all, Jesus himself said we are to be perfect (Matthew 5:48).
I think the way to this is to be perfected in Jesus. To let him so completely take over all that we are that we cannot be anything other than perfect. Then we will be humanity perfected.