Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Choices Of Maturity

I am reading in Hebrews right now. In my study Bible, there is this little blurb on the page where chapter 5 is. I found this to be do true, I wanted to share it. So, enjoy.

"Mature Choices Vs. Immature Choices

Teaching others rather than just being taught

Developing depth of understanding rather than struggling with the basics

Self evaluation rather than self criticism

Seeking unity rather than promoting disunity

Desiring spiritual challenges rather than desiring entertainment

Careful study & observation rather than opinions and half hearted efforts

Active faith rather than cautious apathy and doubt

Confidence rather than fear

Feelings and experiences
evaluated in the light of God's Word rather than experiences evaluated
according to feelings

One way to evaluate spiritual maturity is by looking at the choices we make."

So...what do your choices say about you and your maturity? What do my choices say about me and my spiritual maturity? Yeah, kinda uncomfortable, isn't it?

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