Monday, January 10, 2011

There are days

There are days that God is different with me.

Some days my Teacher. We sit in silence as He pours truth and wisdom into my heart and soul. Those are days of deep learning and growth.

Some days my Friend. We walk the path of life together, laughing, telling jokes, hanging out, completely comfortable in each other’s presence. There is breadth to those days of true companionship.

Some days my Comforter. Tears, pain and life beats me down. He is there to hold me, wipe my tears and assure me of His providence. Those are days of healing.

Some days the Lover of my soul. I find myself staggered by Beauty, enraptured by the touch of His hand on my heart, blinded by tears of bliss, raising my arms to be held by a true Lover. Moving me with indescribably beauty, those are days of joy.

Some days a King. We draw swords together and fight against the enemies of the Kingdom, against the darkness that wages war against all we hold dear and true. Kneeling at the feet of my Warrior King, those are days of honor.

Some days my Father. Sitting at His feet, He loves me as a son, guiding me, showing me how life is to be lived. Those are days of closeness, mentoring.
And in all days, He is Jesus.

My Savior.

The One who came for me in my darkness.

The One who rescued my heart and set me free to be who I really am, a son of the Risen Lord!

Jesus is His name, the unspeakable beauty of holiness!

The One who was and is!


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  1. "The One who rescued my heart and set me free to be who I really am" There is such freedom in that thought.