Monday, April 11, 2011


I wonder if you know the desert. I wonder if you know the dry times when the soul feels cracked, parched, barren. I know those times. I have learned that to walk with Jesus means that sometimes I will be lead into the wilderness. Those wilderness times, desert times are times of purification. The problem is I tend to gripe at my Savior rather than listen and learn. After all, who wants to be hot, sun-burned and thirsty when the Giver of Life-Giving Water is standing beside you? Who wants to stand in the hot, sandy desolation of silence when the Author of Peace holds your hand?
Recently I have been in the desert. My time with Him has seemed dry and fractured, leaving me grasping at Him, whining at times. “Lord please, speak to me. What do you have to say to me today? Why can’t I feel You?”

You know, questions like that.

I don’t think it is the questioning He minds. I think it is the attitude with which we question. Why does He owe me anything in the desert? After all, isn’t He there with me? What more do I need?

Today, I went to church. The worship band at the church I’ve been attending is a scruffy-looking bunch of dudes with long hair, scruffy facial hair (except the lead guy who has an epic beard) and tattoos. Needless to say, I like ‘em. I dig ‘em. My kinda people right there. But those dudes clearly love Jesus and love to worship. So, we’re listening to some rowdy worship music played really loud and it happened.

He spoke.

He spoke to my heart at first without a word. I felt His embrace, those mighty arms around me; holding me close to whisper in my ear, “Is this what you had in mind? You just need Me and My Love. Let the rest of it go.” And His love poured over me like rain. And my heart soaked up the rain of His Love like the thirsty, dry place it was.

Oh how He renews our hearts in times of need!

Look around you. He is there, pouring His love like rain into your heart. Only trust Him when the quiet times come. He is with me, with you.

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