Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Dream

A while back, something happened to me...and I began to feel a pull. A pull toward one thing and away from another. A dream was awakened in me. I began to believe in this dream, to listen to the Voice that told me there was more, called me to something greater than me. A mission to live and meaning to light the darkness. I wonder if...actually, I know, that some dreamers are often thought to be totally mad. Moses was possessed of a dream, a vision, a mission for his life. For his dream, he was laughed at by the Egyptians, scorned and mocked by his own people. To top it all off, Moses never got to see his dream come to fruition....sucks.Joshua had a dream of life in the promised land, despite the size of other people's doubts, despite of what the other scouts said..then, he recruited Caleb into his dream. Haggai was driven to finish the temple..all the prophets dreamed of a people returning to God. And people thought them mad, out of touch, dreamers recklessly pursuing what could not be. John, often called the Baptist, was a crazy wild man living in the desert, eating bugs, wearing camel's hair, calling the Pharisees names, dreaming aloud..calling his people, all people to repentance. 'Make ready the way' was his dream, 'for the Messiah comes'.Jesus had a dream. Jesus dreamed, before time began, of us. He dreamed of offering freedom and life to everyone, for all time, to save us from ourselves. Religious types of His day(and our day) told Him to be quiet...'Don't upset the apple cart, we got a good thing goin' here'. They called Him a drunk, crazy, a devil worshipper, a liar and blasphemer. Then, they murdered Him for His dream, His passion. Why? Because they, and we, cannot fathom His dream. We cannot understand that His offer is life and that His love transforms, transcends, uplifts. All He asks in return..."Follow Me."When His love presses us, when He speaks, when we let Him dream a dream in us, nothing is ever the same again. What will we do when His dreams are madness to others, when the Voice won't be silent? Are we willing to dream, to jump in the deep end? What happens when the lifeguard can't swim, when all we thought was stable is not? What happens when that dream takes hold of you and you cannot let go of it? What happens when He changes it all? Will we follow? Will I follow? I have to remind myself not to think of what cannot be done, to remember that Peter walked on water when he held on to his dream, to remember that ordinary people have changed the world because they dreamed and followed...and to remember that Jesus has already saved the world because He held on to His dream! So, what happens now in His dream for me, for us?

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