Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was recently chatting with some buddies, fellow searchers, sons…when the subject of being came up. Several of the guys, including me, were talking about what am I doing for Christ, why isn’t He speaking, I’m reading and praying and journaling and doing…etc etcetera. And I heard something. I’m a word picture kinda guy. You want me to understand something, give it to me in a word picture, something I can feel, see, smell and know…So, I’m listening to all of us talking about things going on in our lives and God said to me, “Shut up, dude”. I admit I was a bit stunned by this, so I said, “What did You say to me?” He said, “Shut up and sit down.” So, I did. And, I finally heard. Ah….time for a word picture!
When I was a kid, my dad was an early riser; probably still is. I don’t know cause I don’t live with them anymore. Anyway, dad would get up at like 5 a.m. or something stupid like that to have his “quiet time”. He would go in his office and do his thing. I remember several times as a child walking up to the door of his study. A few times I just looked at my dad as he pored over the Book, studied and prayed. But, I remember other times, not many but a few, when I would go into the study with him. I distinctly remember once knocking on the door, even though it was open, and requesting permission to come in. Of course, Dad said I could. I remember sitting quietly in Dad’s office and watching him read and pray. The only sound was of my dad turning the pages of his bible, our breathing and the occasional sound of sipping as Dad drank his coffee. It all seemed very peaceful to me then and still does. I think it’s really more of a feeling now than a direct remembrance. (I am a feeling sorta guy) I have said before and I really believe this: You will know you are truly comfortable with someone when you can sit in a room with them and not have to talk.
So, back to the conversation with the fellas. I really think there are times when our heavenly Father just wants to sit with us. Stop all the moving around, so to speak. I have felt there are times when He has said to me, “Shut up, dude, and just chill” or something like that. I cannot tell you how peaceful it is to me when I can simply rest in His study, sitting on the floor or in the lap of my Father, feeling His warmth all around me, smelling his aftershave and the coffee…just being in His presence. Thanks, Dad, for letting me do that when I was a kid. You showed me how to just be in His presence.

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