Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hope glimmers faintly
on the horizon of my soul,
bleeding, sighing into darkness as the sun sets,
fading, clawing into blackness.
My heart feels frozen,
quiet in this time of waiting,
awash in the pale moon of emptiness.
I cannot surrender
to the sinking inevitability
of loneliness, pain which seems to know no end.
Confusion wars with discipline in
this quiet morass of chaos.
So many questions, so little time.
And now, I must wait again
for Love, Peace, Surrender...
Hope glimmers faintly in this suffocating blackness,
fading, clawing
toward the horizon of my soul.

Nov. 6, 2001


  1. You wrote this almost 8 years ago to the day and here I sit thinking those words could presently be mine.

  2. Wow. Absolutely beautiful.